Math and physics building closed due to asbestos

Anthony Belinfante

STATESBOROGeorgia Southern University’s math and physics building has been closed after a potential release of asbestos was discovered Monday.

During a routine HVAC repair, what was considered to be potential asbestos materials were discovered.

Following the news, GS evacuated and closed down the building.

“As a precaution and per EPD regulations, Math/Physics was immediately evacuated and the building is now closed until proper remediation efforts can be completed,” GS spokesperson Sean Payne said in an email sent to all GS students.

Asbestos is a form of toxic minerals that separate into long flexible fibers. Exposure to asbestos can cause serious illnesses such as asbestosis or certain cancers.

Air monitoring of the building is expected to take place Tuesday, followed by results on Wednesday.

“Based on those results, we will notify campus as to when Math/Physics will reopen,” Payne said.

Summer classes taking place in the building have been relocated and students are urged to check with professors for new room assignments.

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter,