Welcome To The New Miscellany

Welcome To The New Miscellany

Skyler Black

Holy High Tech Batman! The Miscellany is expanding online! Hello friends, It’s Skyler here your friendly neighborhood Miscellany Editor. If you are reading this, then you are a fantastic member of this Georgia Southern community. The website that you are currently on is a creation by Magnolia Publications, our magazines portion of Student Media.

The Miscellany Magazine of the Arts has been a staple of the GSU Community for decades and has been used as a connection between artists and art lovers. By expanding on to the internet, we are able to connect more and more individuals together through love of expression. But this website is for more than just artists and the like. The Miscellany Online is meant to create an outlet for any member of the community to share their creative side or have some personal thoughts shared.

There have been a lot of changes made here in the Miscellany office this semester. One of those changes is the expansion of this website. The Miscellany Online will be serving as a forum for submissions from you, the reader,  throughout the year based off of prompts that have been created by our staffs. The prompts will vary throughout the year and will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages (did I mention you should follow us on Facebook and Twitter?).

Finally the biggest change this semester will be dealing with our physical magazine. This Fall, we will not be printing a physical copy of the magazine. Don’t freak out just yet. Instead of going through the usual printing, we will instead be creating an in person gallery of the artwork that YOU submitted to be judged. The pieces will be mounted and displayed at our Miscellany gallery later this semester. The details will be updated periodically on our website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Again, I thank you all so much for helping us create an amazing art community on Georgia Southern’s campus. I hope to hear for each and everyone of you throughout this and upcoming semesters. Welcome to the Miscellany community!