Letter from the Miscellany editor


Blakeley Bartee

Dear Georgia Southern University,

Welcome back, Eagles! We’re gearing up for another exciting year at The George-Anne Media Group, and I’m very much looking forward to working with creators on campus.

I’m Blakeley Bartee, the Miscellany Editor for this semester. I previously served as the Editor-in-Chief of The George-Anne Reflector Magazine, and I’m thrilled to be working more closely with Miscellany this fall.

If you’re new to Miscellany, here are the basics. We’re a student-run publication for student-made art, including visual arts, creative writing and more. We accept pieces from current GS students of any age or class standing. To find out more about our submissions process, click here.

As much as we love Miscellany here at The George-Anne Media Group, we couldn’t do it without the creative communities at GS. If you’re passionate about the arts and love to create, we hope you’ll consider us for publishing your work.

To keep up with our latest happenings and published pieces, please follow us on Twitter (@MiscellanyGSU) and Facebook (also @MiscellanyGSU).


Blakeley Bartee, Miscellany Editor