Letter from the Editor: Welcoming a New Decade

Letter from the Editor: Welcoming a New Decade

Miscellany Editor

Welcome Back, Eagles!

Along with the spring semester, we welcome a new decade: 2020. If this is your first time on Miscellany’s website, welcome! Miscellany Magazine of the Arts is Georgia Southern University’s literary magazine. You can find us frequently posting online at miscellany.reflectorgsu.com and in the print of The George-Anne Reflector Magazine.  

The first Miscellany Magazine was published in 1957 and was founded by the late Roy F. Powell. Since then, Miscellany continued throughout the years before it ceased publication in 2016. Three years later, then Editor-in-Chief of Reflector Magazine Blakeley Bartee revived the publication. Now online, Miscellany Magazine of the Arts found its way back into the heart of Eagle Nation. 

If you are a Georgia Southern student, I encourage you to submit your creative works to Miscellany. Miscellany wants to bring together and be an outlet for the creative community that Georgia Southern holds. You can find out how to submit here

Alongside myself, Miscellany editor Nathan Luft and our team of assistant editors aim to showcase content in art, photography, creative nonfiction, poetry and fiction this year from the creative communities at GS.

We are excited to see what this new decade has in store for Miscellany, and we hope you do, too. 

Noelle Walker