Swan Print 1/4

Swan Print 1/4

Miscellany Editor

My work is the visual synthesis of my childhood experiences as a dancer. Through a nostalgic lens, the experience and aesthetics of the performance are captured within the context of fabrics, patterns, movement, and color. Personally and historically, dance is a way of expressing ourselves through our bodies. Being a part of this space gives the viewer a chance to become the dancer, providing an opportunity to engage the joyous emotions, movement of colors, and artifacts of performance.

Jarai Finney


Jarai Finney was born in 1998. In 2020, she will receive her BFA concentration in 2D and minor in psychology at Georgia Southern University. Finney’s upcoming shows include 2020 “CelebrateWomxn845 Social Unity Digital Zine”  online. Other upcoming shows Finney includes is the 2020 “CURIO Symposium”, the 2020 “Undergraduate Juried Exhibition”, and the 2020 “Senior Showcase Exhibition” at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. Finney is the co-curator of the 2020 “ Pop Of Color Exhibition” a student-made show created to celebrate artists of color within the Georgia Southern Betty Foy Sanders Department. Finney serves as the current Vice President of the Print, Paper, and Book Arts Society at Georgia Southern University and holds a leadership position within University Housing. Finney currently lives and works in Statesboro, Georgia.