Drivers license and voting in Bulloch


Fernanda Camacho Hauser, Correspondent

STATESBORO — A number of Georgia Southern students are registered to vote in Bulloch county. This leads to questions of whether their non-Bulloch county address on their driver’s license might possibly be an issue when it comes to the November 3 election day. 

The George-Anne called on the Georgia Secretary of State press line to find answers. We were told that the county you are registered in is the county you can and should vote in. The rules regarding the address on your driver’s license are up to the local Elections and Voter Registration’s office.

We then reached out to the Bulloch County Elections and Voter Registration’s office to see what they had to say about the situation. 

According to the response we received through email, the driver’s license is just to verify the voter’s identification. It doesn’t matter if the driver’s license is from another county or state as long as it is valid and the information verifies the voter’s identification.