Center for Sustainability Fee Grant funds LED lights for Russell Union Theater

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  • The Center for Sustainability Fee Grants approved a grant for new LED lights to be installed in the Rusell Union Theater.

Madeline Branch

Georgia Southern University’s Center for Sustainability has approved a grant for new LED lights to be added to the Russell Union Theater.

Rod Harper, maintenance coordinator of the Russell Union Facilities and Event Services, proposed a solution to solve environmental problems on GS’ campus.

Harper’s solution to improving energy efficiency on campus was to replace the Russell Union Theatre lights with new LED lights. The switch in lighting will purposefully save on operational and replacement cost and will last longer.

Harper’s reason for adding new LED lights specifically to the auditorium is that “changing the lights in the theater is a long process because it takes a lift that reaches out over the seating sloped floor.”

The cost of the project cost around $9,000, which was funded by GS’ Center for Sustainability Fee Grant. The project allows for any student, faculty or staff to propose a solution to improve environmental problems on campus.

Harper’s plan was to economically better GS’ campus by saving on the maintenance that it takes to change the former lightbulbs in the auditorium. The theatre lights have been on display for over a month now since they were added over the holiday break by the Physical Plant crew.

Madeline Branch, The George-Anne Candidate,