Pirate’s Palate: Vegan Coconut Curry


Pirate's Palette Picture

By Lila Miller, Staff Writer

With the advent of meatless Mondays and other vegetarian fads that one hopes to carry on into sustainability, a recipe for the vegetarians and vegans of Armstrong was surely ripe for the writing. While this recipe can clearly add cow’s milk or chicken into it, as a standalone, vegan coconut curry is a knockout at your next hipster potluck/book club/you’re a broke college student but want to at least feel like you can cook one decent meal at home.

What you need:

Rice (boil-in-a-bag if that’s your thing)

Thai Kitchen small jar of curry paste (the most expensive item, only like $4)

Fresh veggies of your choosing (or the standard frozen stir fry mix found in the frozen food aisle)

Coconut milk


and lastly, hungry people willing to try new things


Start with one pot of rice. If you can’t cook rice, the boil-in-a-bag kind is fine. It’s hard to mess this up, unlike finicky rice with it’s varying steam times. In a separate pan heated to medium on the stovetop, toss in a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables (i.e. carrots, broccoli, edamame, zucchini, etc.) and sauté until cooked through for about fifteen minutes or so. While the vegetables are cooking, in another bowl combine: one scoop of curry sauce from Thai Kitchen’s jar, (the red or green is fine and just depends on preference) a can or small carton of sweetened coconut milk, and a bit of honey. Mix well.

When the vegetables have been thoroughly cooked, pour in the curry combination and stir until adequately combined. Then, grab a bowl, throw in some rice, top with veggie medley and curry and eat! This is sure to impress your roommate who has never seen you cook anything more than ramen noodles, or a perfect dish to seduce your newest crush from that frat you like.