Armstrong Gamers Guild: What are they up to?

Armstrong Gamers Guild: What are they up to?

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Sebastian Wright, Staff Writer

The Armstrong Gamers Guild is excited to bring new and fun events to Armstrong. Those interested in finding out more about the tentative schedule are encouraged to visit the AGG Facebook page.

A “Super Smash Bros. 4” tournament is estimated to be held within the next few weeks. It  will be restricted to Armstrong student participation only. A prize will be awarded for first place, though no awards have been confirmed for runner-up achievements. Prices for entry and a character-ban-list are still in the works

Plans are underway for an AGG-sponsored Nerf War. This event will partly cover some lessons taught during the organization’s recent First-person shooter session, while also allowing some physical activity. There is no student restriction on this event, though there will be a “bring your own Nerf gun” policy. Providing your own Nerf darts would be preferred, though the Gamers’ Guild would be able to assist with some extra darts if need be. The option for Nerf brand foam swords is also being discussed.

“Cosplay Day” is being considered for future club sessions. Members will be encouraged, though not required, to attend dressed as a character of their choice and behave as “in-character” as appropriate. Like other weekly club activities, this event will be free of charge. Characters will be exposed to things they have never experienced before like Cards Against Humanity, Ultimate Werewolf, and Rockband 2.

Gamers’ Guild eventually hopes to hold an event called “Build Together.” It will aim to instruct Armstrong students in how to construct a relatively-affordable desktop PC from scratch. An event of this caliber is estimated to cost more than $1000 but AGG hopes to pull from the RSO budget as little as possible. The AGG treasurer cites that, “Collecting all of the funds required for the event, plus covering the trial and error process will be difficult, but definitely rewarding when we finally see it through.”

AGG hopes to host many more events in the future. Some other events teased included possible carpentry classes, Cosplay classes and even field trips to support their use of games in education.

The club is attempting to do as much as possible without requiring its members to pay dues and without much aid from the RSO budget.  The AGG president points out that if attending students gave a donation, it would go a long way in helping the club reach its goals while keeping member fees low or nonexistent.