The revamped My Georgia Southern app is free and available for iPhone and Android mobile users

Sarah Smith

The MyGS Mobile app has been updated to allow students the capability to pay and view their tuition.

The app originally launched on iTunes and Google Play on Aug. 9, 2018 with features that allowed students to view schedules, grades and campus maps.

“The MyGS Mobile App puts the convenience of access to many of our technology resources right in the palm of your hand,” April Burke, executive communications & operations manager for the division of information technology services said. “You find your way around all three campuses with our campus maps, get quick access to Folio and MyInvolvement and stay up-to-date on university and athletic news, all in the same free mobile app.”

Students’ opinions

Kiely Anderson, junior public relations major, said that while she appreciates the app, there are improvements that can be made to make the app more attractive to the student body.

“I like the app but every time I open it, I have to relog-in to view Folio. I think the app is great but could definitely be improved, Anderson said. “I’d love to have a feature where I can track the buses and see news from the George-Anne.”

Bailey Williams, junior geology major, said that the app does not appeal to her as much as the online version, because she does not have access to as many features.

“I don’t like that it doesn’t have the setup of the online version,” Williams said. “I can’t see Wings and since I work for the school, I can’t clock in for my job like I can on the website. I just think the app is too simplified.”

Stephen Sullivan, junior geology major, shared that he likes the online version of MyGS much better than the app.

“I don’t like the app because it’s slow and the user interface could be improved. I like the online version better,” Sullivan said.

GS hopes to continue updating the app and to offer students the ability to register for classes via mobile app in the future. When mobile registration becomes available, students with the app will get a notification informing them of this, Burke said.

For the most up-to-date information on new capabilities for services like the MyGS Mobile App, monitor the MyGS portal and follow the Information Technology Services account on Twitter: @GaSouthernITS.

Sarah Smith, The George-Anne Candidate,