Game Review: ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’


Kylie Fields

Ori cradles Sein at the base of the Spirit Tree.(Photo via BagoGames Flickr)


Christopher Wilson, Staff Writerreview

“Ori and the Blind Forest” is a platform adventure video game designed by the rather unconventional Moon Studios. Moon Studios, who released their first project in 2010, lacks a physical office as designers work on material from locations all around the world  

The game was inspired by movies such the Lion King and the Iron Giant and players can really feel these title’s influence throughout the game. The game was acquired and published by Microsoft Studios, receiving massive critical acclaim almost immediately after its release.

Players noted the exotic plotline and smooth action sequencing, and the game turned a profit for Microsoft only a few weeks after its initial release.

The story opens with a great storm ravaging the forest of Nibel, causing a newborn Ori to fall from atop a tree to the forest floor. Ori is found by a forest creature named Naru, who adopts him and lives with him in peace, for a while.

A horrible event soon causes the forest start to wither and die. With the water and food supply depleting, Naru dies giving the last bit of food to Ori to survive.

Newly orphaned, Ori must adventure onward to try to survive on his own. Soon into his adventure, he loses consciousness at the base of the Spirit Tree, the narrator of the game, somehow managing to bring it back to life.

Ori is united with another spirit named Sein who acts as a guide in trying to restore the entirety of the forest back to health by collecting the light of the lost elements in the world.

The game is played from the perspective of Ori, a white guardian spirit. The character has the ability to run, jump, and use simple spirit abilities to overcome the obstacles of the world.

With the use of Sein, Ori can shoot Spirit Flames at his enemies. As Ori becomes stronger, he can invest his acquired skills into better himself in different areas, giving the game an interesting RPG element as well. The game unfolds in a sense of the old Metroid or Castlevania style of gaming.

This game is beautiful to look at. At first glance, it is hard to believe it is an independently developed game, but the talent and dedication of Moon Studios speaks volumes in their work.

The game is one of the most moving, heartwarming games released in a while, at least since Undertale. This is a game for players that like a challenge of wits while experiencing a good story. I cannot recommend this game enough.