Preview: Eagles look to continue winning momentum on the court against ULM

Sophomore guard Tatum Barber (23) led the Eagles in past game against University of Louisiana Lafayette with 20 points and 13 rebounds on the night.

Bethany-Grace Bowers

Georgia Southern Women’s Basketball is set to take on the University of Louisiana – Monroe in Hanner Fieldhouse on GS Statesboro Campus on Saturday.

With the season where it stands right now, ULM and GS share the same record and the more detailed statistics of each team’s season are back and forth, equaling out from time to time.

GS leads ULM in points per game, assists per game, steals per game, field goal percentage, free throw percentage and three-point percentage. While ULM leads in three areas, GS tops them leading by six categories.  

GS shows 61.3 points per game, while ULM only shows 55.5 per game. The assists per game for GS stand at 11.9, compared to ULM standing at 10.2 and the amount of steals per game is a closer race with GS at 6.6, while ULM is at 6.3.

The percentages for each team don’t necessarily show big gaps, however, GS leads nonetheless. In field goal percentage GS averages 37.7 and ULM sits at 35.4. The free-throw percentage between the teams has GS leading with 72.6 percent while ULM drags behind them at 66.7.

The last category GS leads with is the three-point percentage with GS at 31.2 and ULM at 27.1. The Eagles have shown that these three pointers are truly important to winning games and it has made a difference for them this season.

A player to watch out for from the Eagle’s side of the court would have to be sophomore guard Tatum Barber. With most of this season under her belt, Barber has grown through every win and loss. She is coming off of a game where she made a season high of 20 points against LA and also stayed in the game for a high of 33 minutes.

On the Warhawk’s side of the court, sophomore guard Arsula Clark is averaging 13.7 points per game and averages 31.2 minutes of playing time in each game over the season. Her total number of rebounds this season sits at 147 and her average on the season is at 7.4.

The last game against the Warhawks showed how close GS could have come to beating ULM by only finishing one point behind their opponent at 58-57. Since the beginning of the season though, GS has gained a lot of momentum and the stats rank the Eagles above the Warhawks.

Eagles fans are ready to see what they bring to the court and GS is hungry for another women’s basketball victory within the Sun Belt.

The match is set to take place in Hanner Fieldhouse Saturday at 2 p.m. and will be streamed on True Blue Live TV.

Bethany-Grace Bowers, The George-Anne Assistant Sports Editor,