Eagles look to claim first conference win on the road

Bethany-Grace Bowers

The Georgia Southern women’s basketball team is set to play the University of Texas at Arlington as they look to notch their first conference win of the season.

Coming into the game Thursday, GS and UTA have completely opposite wins and losses, with UTA sitting at 12-5 and GS sitting at 5-12. GS sits currently at twelfth in the Sun Belt and UTA sits at third.

The Eagles have the advantage of Sun Belt Player of the Week, junior guard Alexis Brown, as a powerhouse on the court. Brown was named this for the second time this season and is a leading junior. GS sits at 60.6 percent and they currently average 38.8 rebounds per game.

The Mavericks combat the Eagles with averaging a total of 74.7 points per game. However, UTA falls to GS with a total average of 36.4 rebounds per game. The Mavericks are currently ranked 22 in assists per game and field goal percentage.

Looking at the statistics the scoring really does not create that much of a difference in the teams, however fan’s eyes target each team’s record.

GS Athletics are all about taking each game at a time and this game in Arlington is a great opportunity to use that mind set.

The game is set to be played in Arlington, Texas Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

Bethany-Grace Bowers, The George-Anne Assistant Sports Editor, gasports@georgiasouthern.edu