Georgia Southern officials report 108 positive COVID-19 cases in the first week


Eden Hodges, Managing Editor

Georgia Southern officials reported a decrease in positive COVID-19 cases Monday, reporting 108 cases over the first week.

“The report below indicates a reduction of cases from the previous week while continuing to reflect the overall increased number of COVID-19 cases in Georgia and throughout our region, with 24 university-confirmed cases and 84 self-reported cases last week, said a disclaimer on GS’ reporting website. “To remain effective with our plan to protect campus classrooms, offices, and communities, we must remain vigilant with our adherence to public health guidelines.”

(Credit: Georgia Southern) Click to enlarge.

Nine cases were reported from employees, 17 from the Armstrong campus and six from the Liberty campus.

COVID-19 Analysis

  • Total COVID-19 positive cases since returning in the spring: 241
  • Total positive cases: 108
  • University confirmed: 24
  • Self reported:84
  • Students: 99
  • Employees: 9
  • Statesboro campus: 85
  • Armstrong campus: 17
  • Liberty campus: six