Alice in Borderland

A Japanese thriller series for the weekend


Jolie Nguyen, Staff Writer

The Japanese thriller series “Alice in Borderland” with the original title “Imawa no Kuni no Arisu” released its first episode Dec. 10, 2020 on Netflix. The story is based on the manga comic with the same name by Haro Aso. This is the best series for people who love mystery, thriller and action movies. 

 The show starts with Arisu (Kento Yamazaki), a genius in geometry, but also a loser at the same time, along with his friends, who decide to hang out together. Due to some incidents, they hide in a public restroom. After a couple minutes, they come out of their hidden places and discover that everyone has vanished from Tokyo. They tried to search for clues but find nothing. Suddenly, they are dragged into a dangerous game and receive a three-day visa, which allows them to participate in the games and survive. 

The most important thing about these games is that they are extremely brutal, violent and dangerous. Players are required to kill each other in order to survive. Arisu and his friends have to do their best to survive in this brutal world and also prevent the collapse of humanity. 

Thanks to the talented director Shinsuke Sato, the series of eight episodes receives 4.8 stars rating on Google. With the aesthetic animation, acting skills of the actors and the story line, the series becomes one of the best choices for an exciting weekend watch.