Mentalist and Hypnotist Michael C. Anthony Brings Strange Experience to Armstrong


Jolie Nguyen, Staff Writer

Mentalist and hypnotist Michael. C. Anthony held a hypnotization show on campus in the Fine Art building at 7 p.m. on Jan. 28, which attracted many students to come. Students on the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University (GSU) had a chance to experience things that they never had before that were astonishing.

The show was held with social distancing policies, in which students could not sit close to each other and seats were limited. However, masks and social distancing policies could not stop the fun of the show. 

Anthony started the show by talking about the experience that students would be able to feel when being hypnotized. According to him, students would enter the alternate reality where they can feel, taste, smell or even touch the things that were not in front of their eyes. 

“I did not realize how weird it was going to be,” said Kay Hodges, a freshman theatre major. 

Participants were hypnotized to do things that they were not aware of. When they were on stage and being hypnotized, they did not remember and were not aware of what they were doing. 

“I kind of knew what I was getting into, but I didn’t really understand how crazy it was going to be,” said Katie Bailey, a freshman criminal justice major.

One of the volunteer students was hypnotized and made to forget the number six when counting.

“He made me forget the number ‘6’, and I honestly thought that was just how it was supposed to be, I thought it was 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10, and that just made sense to me until I saw that I had another finger,” Bailey said. 

Another amazing feat was when he triggered the mode “Full Moon” that made another volunteer student stand up and howl right on stage.

“Now I kind of remember that I was howling, I thought it was the girl next to me and now I feel so bad because I gave her a weird look,” Hodges said.

The show shocked and surprised both participants and members in the crowd. 

“I wasn’t able to be hypnotized, sadly, I think I was too tense. It was a lot of fun to watch what happened to other people,” said Holly Hunt, a freshman elementary education  major. 

The show was one of the strangest events to come to the Armstrong campus that students participated in. They were able to experience the alternate reality world and magic when their minds were being controlled. The show was bizarre but an entertaining way to let students relax and have some fun.