The Alternative Breaks Program


Fernanda Camacho Hauser, Correspondent

The Alternative Breaks Program has allowed Georgia Southern students to spend part of their Winter, Summer or Spring breaks giving back to communities around the country and occasionally around the world. It doesn’t just serve as a way for students to shake up their break experience with volunteering but also to learn and reflect about what they encounter..

In an interview with Rachel Whitman of the Alternative Break Board she explained that, “Unfortunately with COVID it is not safe to send students abroad essentially and it’s also not safe for those communities. […] A phrase we’re using is keeping it in our backyard, and what we mean by that is that instead of going abroad and studying and learning about social issues we’re learning about them in our community. We’re working with some community partners in Statesboro and Savannah respectively to provide students a view of their community they might not otherwise get.” 

The Statesboro break which has just closed, offers the students who signed up the opportunity to work with food services on Saturday the 20th with the reflective theme of food sustainability in Statesboro. 

The following day, should weather permit, they’ll be working with Ogeechee River Keepers to help clean the area around rivers and streams or getting an adopt a river certificate. 

Rachel Whitman also let us have a sneak peek to share with our readers about the upcoming Savannah Alternative Break opportunity where students will get to work on reusing materials and renewable food sources.

The Alternative Break program is celebrating it’s 15 year on campus of offering students an opportunity to not just learn about issues that affect communities, but to also build connections with other students on these journeys.

They will be holding a Celebration of their 15th year on March 4th in the Carroll building from 1 to 4 pm in the IT building where you can learn more about these Alternative Break opportunities and any questions you might have about the program as well as participating in activities and snacks.

For more information about Alternative Breaks and upcoming activities you can visit their website or email them