Film Recommendation: “American Skin” (2019)

Jolie Nguyen, Staff Writer

Directed and written by Nate Parker, the movie “American Skin” was first premiered at Venice Film Festival on Sep. 1, 2019 and first released on Jan. 15, 2021. The movie caught attention for telling the story of race, which is also the most controversial and concerning issue of these days.

The movie exposes the unfairness in this society where people are treated differently due to their skin color. For this reason, the movie receives several crises as well as praises and creates a whole controversy for its content. 

The movie “American skin” starts with the scene Lincoln Jefferson, a U.S Marine veteran, and his son are pulled over . Tragedy starts when the police shoot his gun toward the son and the whole movie is about the journey of finding justice by the father for this son. 

The movie was inspired by true events and receives 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google review. Throughout the movie, audiences can sense the hopelessness within the characters. With good acting skills, Nate Parker has done a great job of guiding the audiences to the emotion of the father, who feels hopeless toward the justice of the society that he is living in. 

The movie walks the audiences through several emotions, from anger to sadness. Not only walking the audiences through different emotions, the movie also meticulously turns the audiences into the jury, letting them hear the story of both sides and decide whether the police is guilty. The ending of the movie is stuck in everyone’s mind and makes people question the society: “Does justice exist?” 

The movie is a message of the unfairness in the justice system of the country. Though receiving different critics, crises and praises, “American skin” is a good choice for weekend, especially during this Black History Month. It is necessary to think about and face this issue instead of trying to put it away.