Fun Fall Games to Play During the Holiday Season

Ashton Christianson

With fall here there are always fun things to do with family and friends. Here are just a fun few activities that you can try to keep the good times rolling this holiday season. Games are a good way to bring family and friends together with a little friendly competition.


Corn hole is a classic that can always bring joy to those who are looking for an easy game that everyone can play. You can easily purchase the boards on amazon or at many stores.  


Going out to play games like frisbee, football and other fun sports can help to relax you and your friends, as well as bring a lot of laughter to your group.

Shake Your Tail Feathers

Another fun game to try is shake your tail feathers. All you need is an empty tissue box, some ribbon and torn up construction paper which goes inside the the box. The objective is to shake out all the construction paper from the tissue box, which is tied with ribbon around your waist.

“Broke Man” Heads Up

For those who are broke college students, the one thing many of us have plenty of are sticky notes, and these can be used for the “broke man” heads up. The only difference in this game is that everyone writes down on sticky notes an object or living thing for each other.

Mexican Train Domino Game

Mexican Train Domino Game was always a tradition in my house to help us all unwind from a big meal. The game has many different versions, so keep the rules you choose to go by on hand can help keep the fighting to a minimum.


With the holidays season upon us, there is nothing better than spending time with those you care for. Hopefully these games can help bring your loved ones closer and create memorable moments filled with nothing but smiles.