Offsides with The Chanticleer’s Editor-in-Chief

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  • Ian Livingston Brooking is a senior communications major at Coastal Carolina University.

McClain Baxley

Ahead of Georgia Southern’s clash with Coastal Carolina, Ian Livingston Brooking, editor-in-chief of Coastal Carolina’s student newspaper, The Chanticleer, gave his thoughts on the game. Kickoff from Conway, South Carolina is scheduled for 5 p.m.

In just their second season in FBS, what has been the Chanticleers’ key to success?

Having Coach Joe Moglia back on the sidelines is a big factor. If you go back to last season, we just seemed off without him on the sidelines. The coaching staff last season did the best that they could with the situation that was handed to them with Coach Joe taking a medical leave. I also think that knowing that there’s a chance to go to a bowl game is an extra spark for these players.

What’s been the feeling at CCU amidst a possible winning season?

Losing seasons are not the norm here at Coastal. In our first 15 seasons as a football program, we only had three losing seasons. In fact, we have more 10+ win seasons (4) than losing seasons (3). So, getting back to that winning culture is something that fans, players and the coaching staff are looking forward to getting back to.

How good is the duo of Outlow and Marable in the backfield with both of them rushing for over 600 yards?

Marcus Outlow brings that FBS experience to the team since he was a transfer from Boston College. He’s been a huge role model to the younger guys coming up. And CJ Marable has been a gem this year for us. He was a huge factor in the run game at Presbyterian and he certainly will make his presence known during the next few seasons here in Conway.

Who has been the catalyst on the Chanticleer defense?

Honestly, it’s been the youth. Seven out of the 10 leading tacklers on the team are either sophomores or freshmen. These young guys have stepped up big for us in our transition to FBS, so when these guys become seniors, watch out.

Coastal is a six-point underdog despite both teams coming in on a two-game losing streak. What can CCU do to beat GS?

I think Coastal needs to keep their composure, and [if they] get the “If we win this, we’re bowl-eligible” idea out of their head, they can win. I believe the last two games, while they have been against tough opponents, our guys have jumped the gun a bit and are thinking way too far ahead. If they stay 100 percent focused each play, they’ll be able to grind out a win.

What’s your prediction for the game Saturday?

I’m going to give two score predictions here if that’s alright. If Coastal keeps their composure and executes well, it’ll be 27-24 CCU in overtime.

However, Georgia Southern has a great program this year and coming off a loss, they’ll be looking to regroup and get a big win. If Georgia Southern catches Coastal on an off day, it’ll be a long day for the Chants and a 48-10 win for Georgia Southern.  

McClain Baxley, The George-Anne Sports Editor,