Psychiatric Services Available to Students

Students May be Eligible for Psychiatric Services at No Cost to Them


Rebecca Munday, Managing Editor

At the beginning of the semester, the University System of Georgia has partnered with Christie Campus Health, an organization dedicated to “improving the behavioral health and wellbeing of college students by helping colleges and universities expand the way they reach and support students in need.” 

Christie Campus Health uses public health methods to improve student behavioral health. They work with the entire student population to “reduce stigma, educate students and meet their varying levels of need.”

Because of this partnership, students may be eligible for psychiatric services at no cost to them. 

In order to be eligible, students must be evaluated by a medical professional in the primary care clinic or a licensed mental counselor and referred to a psychiatrist. 

Full-time students, who have paid their health fee for the semester, will not have to pay any additional fees for the psychiatry visits. 

However, if the psychiatrist orders lab work, usual lab fees are required. Additionally, the student will have to pay the usual fee for the health services appointment in order to be referred to a psychiatrist. 

If the psychiatrist determines that the student does not need continued psychiatric care, the psychiatrist will refer the student back to their provider(s) at the university health services or counseling center to provide continued care. The usual fees will apply to those services. 

For more information on the services students can receive through this partnership, students can read the article “New Mental Health Resources” on under the Inkwell tab.