GS partners with SALT, offering paid apprenticeships and real-world training in software development

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Southern Automated Logistics and Technology (SALT) partnered with Georgia Southern last Wednesday to open a new educational avenue for IT and computer science students to train and work in software development.

“The development and software industry is under-resourced and in major demand, which puts inexperienced people in jobs that require significant experience,” GS alumnus and founder of SALT Stacey Roach said. “We should be able to find a way to embrace what we do at SALT, bring our expertise into the regions we live and work and also empower the next generation to build their careers here in tandem with GS where we can make a large regional impact.”

Students are selected from the College of Engineering and Computing and receive hands-on training through every part of the development process and work on projects for customers.

“The agile methodology that SALT is practicing is a great tool to let everyone in the team get involved in the developing process,” GS graduate and SALT apprentice Dmitry Bakalov said. “Everyone has an opportunity to be a part of every aspect of the developing job, which is very valuable on the market.”

More information about SALT can be found on GS’ Office of Career and Professional Development’s website.