Album Review: Snoh Aalegra’s “Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies”


Kaylan Peek, Contributor

Snoh Aalegra is BACK!

Almost two years after her breakthrough album, “’Ugh, those feels again,” the Swedish singer released her third album, “Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies” Friday, July 9. I’ve been consumed with the latest hip/rap releases, and this 15-track album offered the soul I didn’t realize I needed.

What do I think about this album? Let’s dive into the tracklist below.

Aalegra’s airy pitched-up tone instantly drew me into her sadness. I thought the song was over – until the 808s kicked in in the second half of the song. Aalegra switched with the beat, from somber to nonchalant. This was definitely my favorite part of the track. It gives the energy of “I don’t need you. You need me.” OK, Snoh! I felt her one hundred percent.

The song then switches again to a slower tempo. She is torn. The song title rings true to her emotions. Does she care or does she not?

Best Lyric: Now you got time, I don’t got any / You should have thought about that while you was with me, uh

Whew, my girl is heartbroken! In this song, she seems to accept the fact that she will not be able to be with the person she sings about. Her voice is amazing on this track, and it accompanies nice with the mellow beat – in true Snoh Aalegra fashion.

Best Lyric: I, I’ll always want you (I’ll always want you) / ‘Cause you take me high

As soon as I heard the classic four-count producer tag from The Neptunes in the beginning, I knew it was going to be a banger. I love this song! Aalegra beautifully moves through the motions of her failed love, while Pharrell ad-libs in the background. What more can you ask for in a song? We need more Snoh Aalegra and The Neptunes collabs for sure.

Best Lyric: Some things don’t work and that’s the way love goes

This song is an easy listen. I mean honestly, Aalegra knows her sound. If you like one a one of her songs, I feel like you’re bound to like some of her others. This song is definitely not rated PG if you listen to what she’s saying. Maybe keep this one off the family AUX.

Best Lyric: Let your muse be your motivation (Yeah) / Picture perfect like a painting

“NEON PEACH” (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
Snoh Aalegra on a Tyler, The Creator beat. Tyler, The Creator on a Snoh Aalegra song. What did we do to be so worthy? I have no words for this amazing track. It’s everything I’d expect of a collab from them.

Best Lyric: The whole song!

This song gives me lullaby vibes, and I mean that in the best possible way. I imagine listening to this on a long ride home at night. Even if you haven’t had a relationship that ended before it could start, you can empathize with the message.

Best Lyric: You say we in it for the long haul / I didn’t even get to U-Haul

This song was produced by British producer, Compass, who was also featured on Aalegra’s last album “’Ugh, those feels again.” I like how she kind of took us on a journey throughout the track. At this point, I want to know the inspiration behind her music because she is going through it!

Best Lyric: I can’t choose. The entire song fits together perfectly.

I assume this song is meant to serve as an interlude. Short, but exudes a sense of confusion and contemplation. I think we can all relate to this song. Nobody has it all figured out, even the people you think do.

Best Lyric: This life just makes me wonder / All these temporary highs (Oh, oh) / Is it worth it?

This is honestly one of my most favorite songs on the album. Aalegra’s ode to her younger self has such a sweet melody and message. I’m a sucker for “don’t worry, you’ll figure it out” type of songs. So, this was perfect. If you need to feel better about yourself – listen to this song.

Best Lyric: I’ve always been a worrier / But I’ll always be a warrior

“IN THE MOMENT” (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
In this song, these two depict a stubborn couple admitting to their wrongs. I’ve always loved Tyler, The Creator in the melodic lane. The chemistry they have together is unmatched. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind an EP with Snoh and Tyler going back and forth.

Best Lyric: You be playin’ ’round, sayin’ you ain’t mean it, that’s a fib (I’m sorry)

“ON MY MIND” (feat. James Fauntleroy)
I’m not gonna lie, listening to this album straight through has me in feelings I didn’t know I had. Aalegra continues to profess her love to whomever. You know when you know you’re supposed to forget about somebody, but can’t? Yeah, this song embodies that.

James Fauntleroy’s smooth voice can never do any wrong in my eyes. His verse is what everyone wishes their significant other would say to them.

Best Lyric: If I could then I would see you / Under water, I would breathe you

If this song was left off the album, I wouldn’t be mad. It’s not a bad song, but nothing really stands out to me lyrically. Terrace Martin and No I.D.’s production is probably the best part of this track to me.

Best Lyric: I got so many flavors you like, so go ahead and choose

Finally, a love song without the pain! I can imagine this would be a good song to dedicate to your significant other. Maybe even a good wedding song? Slow and tender for all the lovers out there.

Best Lyric: No one can make the day feel like a couple hours the way you do / I know forever wouldn’t give me enough time to spend with you

This single was released in July 2020. I loved this song at first listen! The music video for this song gave me everything I envisioned when hearing it through my speaker. The outer space, ethereal feel is what makes this song one I’ve replayed over and over.

Best Lyric: Are we supposed to still be talkin’ every day / When everything between us just completely changed?

After all the restlessness and heartbreak Snoh took us through, we finally made it to the end! I liked that this song was saved for last because it ties up the conflict Snoh had with herself and lover. She realizes she’s OK without them, but the love will always be there. It’s like she grew through the album into a wiser person. If only this song was a little longer…

Best Lyric: I will always love you (I will always love you) / But just know I’m good without you

Overall, I really enjoyed “Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies.” Although I would have liked to see her explore different sounds more, I can’t deny that this is a solid album! I can’t wait to see what visuals she creates and the accolades she gains with this project.