All campus’ single-stall bathrooms become gender neutral

Single-stall bathrooms now ‘all-gender restroom’

Shay Parker, Correspondent

All single-stall bathrooms across campus were converted to all-gender restrooms beginning this fall semester.

Single-stall bathrooms in the Carroll building, IAB building, Counseling center, medical clinic, Henderson library, and women’s health clinic are now gender neutral.

“These are the action steps of us showing that our campus culture and community is valuing diversity and inclusion and for everybody,” Catherine Bishop said. 

The topic has been in recent discussions and has been debated for a while. It was decided that this year they would go ahead and make them official. 

“It’s been a big topic of discussion on campus for quite a few years now, and it has finally been decided that there does need to be gender neutral bathrooms on campus for students or faculty and staff or who are visitors to our university that would like that,” Catherine Bishop said. 

The single stall bathrooms are open for all to use while the regular bathrooms remain the to the assigned genders.