Eagles’ stars showcase talents beyond football

DJ Cadden, Sports Editor

Since July 1, when the NCAA announced that athletes would be permitted to profit off their name, image and likeness, a number of Georgia Southern athletes have announced a slew of deals.

From music careers to promoting streetwear brands, it appears that a total of eight GS athletes have agreed to some sort of deals.

Nose tackle Gavin Adcock, who used the opportunity to begin publicly pursuing music, has already secured multiple gigs around the Statesboro area.

“I’ve always loved writing and singing and I just wanted to put out stuff that people love,” said Adcock. “I recorded my first single ‘Ain’t No Cure’, advertised it for about a month and released it on August 12.”

Adcock has already played a handful of concerts around the Statesboro area, mostly at the local bar Southern Social. The crowds were large and Adcock quickly noticed.

“The community has been great support,” said Adcock. “I just really love how much the people enjoy it.”

Fellow defensive star Todd Bradley-Glenn used the new NIL rules to launch his own construction business, TBG Construction, LLC.

“(The new NIL rules) benefit me with more opportunities outside of football to build my personal brand,” Glenn said. “That’ll be a chance to connect football and my worlds together, so that’s cool.”