Innovation Station

Asa Baurle, Multimedia Journalist

Since 2014 The Business Innovation Group,  or BIG for short. Has been providing college students and adults the tools necessary to take their careers to the next level.

The big has three buildings in downtown Statesboro to work with. Their most recent warehouse acquisition is under construction. While the two buildings that face East Main Street, provide the necessary utilities for growing a business…   

“The incubators are there to help people to give them the support that they need when their business is in its infancy stage or its growing,” said Assistant Director of entrepreneurship education Suzzanne Hallman. 

If you have an idea for a product, but need the space to build it. BIG’s Fab Lab provides the resources to make it happen. 

“You learn how to use these tools that you might not have at home. Like 3d printers, cnc, laser cutter. To bring any idea to life. So anything that you want to create you can start that prototype here,” said Hallman.

Georgia Southern senior Benjamin Youngstrom, who currently uses the BIG’s services for his business. Says the connections he’s made has helped him develop in the business world. 

“You can always rely on someone to help you out, to educate you. You know nobody, especially here at the big nobodies stingy about what they know. Everyone is ready to help out and teach you something new,” explained Youngstrom.

Student Emma Trilot, says that students without an idea for a product or business can be a part of BIG. Even if it is just to learn more about the business world. 

“I’m actually a peer mentor on campus and I have a mentee that is wanting to start a business so I have been able to connect her with BIG,” said Trilot. 

Getting started in any profession as a young adult can prove to be difficult. Youngstrom says failure is just a part of the process at BIG.

“Look, the reality is a lot of those students their first, second, third ideas will fail. But it’s those failures, and a good space to fail that leads to that success that really leads you to somewhere great,” said Youngstrom 

Even with the setbacks, Youngstrom credits big for getting him where he is today.  

“It’s the things that I have learned being here working on that stuff that has led me to a place where I can say I have successfully exited one business and you know I’m looking into that next chapter,” he says.

The Business and Innovation plans on continuing to expand their outreach in the downtown area. Interested students can fill out an inquiry form on their website to get involved.