Back and Better

Asa Baurle, Multimedia Journalist

When the museum closed in the fall of 2019 staffers saw it as an opportunity. The roof had sustained structural damage and the exhibit halls needed to be renovated. Now after three years of work, the museum is back open.

“I think it’s always important in a museum to constantly change and update things. So even though the fossils and artifacts we have are old and may not change in and of itself. The way we interact with visitors and the way we interact as humans with each other changes over time,” said curator of education Stephanie Lukowski.

Since it opened in 1982… The museum has been dedicated to providing students and members of the community an opportunity to learn about the physical and cultural history of  southeast Georgia…  

“I think it provides a really unique opportunity for students on this campus. To be able to come to this museum that focuses specifically on coastal plain Georgia so they get to learn about the people and the organisms that lived here in the past,” said Lukowski. 

The museum boasts seasonal exhibits which change every semester. Saints and Sinners, Salvation and Damnation in Latin America. Is what is currently on display… the exhibits hopes to showcase research done by professors. Covering different topics that extend beyond Georgia’s coast… 

“It highlights a lot of indigenous traditions as well as early spanish traditions and how those melded overtime. It’s a fantastic exhibit. I recommend everyone come and see it,” said Lukowksi. 

While inside student employees are there to help guide and inform guests about what is on display if any questions come up. 

“And right now we’re learning all the different exhibits, like we’re getting trained in them so we can give more in depth tours,” explained graduate student Micayla Civetta.

After the time away those that work in the museum are eager to see new faces experience the hard work that has gone into the renovations. 

“We just want you to come in. We have so many neat things to see. We’ve missed you and we’re looking forward to seeing you. And yeah just come by and see it for yourself, that’s the best way to experience the museum,” said Lukowksi.