Top Ten Movies To Watch This Halloween


In honor of Halloween weekend, Reflector gives you their top ten movies to watch. Whether you’re spending the night inside, need something to watch as a group, or play while you get your costumes on, here are our favorites.

The Halloween Franchise
Micheal Myers. This popular slasher franchise has gone on longer than most, with its most recent Halloween Kills. The newest to the franchise has been said to be more of a setup for the final movie Halloween Ends. While this franchise is all about family, we follow the main character Micheal who is our main slasher. The fast paced, and masked killer is a timeless classic that can have some gorey scenes, and originally takes place in small towns on Halloween.

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Another slasher film…Which has also led to a show and another installment in the franchise (Scream 2022). This follows a series of slashings across multiple towns all following the main girl Sydney. Who’s wearing the ghostface costume, that’s for you to find out.

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An undeniable classic with a witty and loveable villain. Not as scary as most, but something for everyone. It follows a recently deceased couple who have found their home invaded by the living. Their one mistake is hiring the wrong person to help get them out…

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The Conjuring Franchise
The Conjuring franchise is truly something that will make you scared of the dark. Following two paranormal investigators across towns and countries, we see them expel horrors that are based on real life events.

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Of course if you are watching the Conjuring you might as well watch the Annabel series. The doll that starts it all, and is even featured in the Conjuring. The movies are based on a real doll that is actually being held in the Warrens home as you read this. The movies document her creation, her possessions, and the evil she creates.

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The Exorcist
This 1970’s film follows more possession. It follows a young girl who is possessed by an ancient demon. While the original film can have some uncomfortable scenes, the movie can be found edited for tv to give a better viewing experience. Still scary, just not as extreme.

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Children of The Corn
Kids are creepy enough, but in an endless maze and empty town is another story. This is also a franchise that follows children who take over a town to create *essentially* a cult. These films will make you wonder about every corn field you pass.

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Seeing a trend? Another franchise with multiple movies! This follows a young boy who has mastered an out of body experience. As he dreams he goes deeper into another world. Another possession story, as a demon fights for his soul and control of his body. It is up to his family to pull him back as they face violent hauntings.

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The Corpse Bride
A less scary film, and more of a dark romance. A Tim Burton classic of a man who is soon to be wed. Until he finds himself in the land of the dead married to a corpse

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NightMare on Elm Street

Don’t sleep. A supernatural slasher series directed by Wes Craven, who also makes an appearance in the Scream series. A man with blades for fingers terrorizes teenagers sleep.

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