Fire breaks out in Herty Building

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Firefighters responded to alarms in the Herty Building Monday night, following heavy smoke to a small fire, according to Fire Prevention Chief Stephan Hutchins.

The fire in room 1107 set off alarms around 7 p.m. While the charring travelled no farther than five feet around the countertop where it began, the room and the first floor suffered extensive water damages.

The fire set off only one sprinkler in the room which contained the flames, dumping water into the room, the hallway and out the doors. Statesboro firefighters located and put out the remaining flames. 

The source of the fire is still unknown, said University Police Chief Laura McCullough. 

Facilities will work on clearing water out of the floors, and the wiring and electrical elements have to be checked out before the area is safe to enter, said McCullough.