KKG Philanthropy

Gabby Smith, Multimedia Jounalist

This week KKG Zeta Epsilon chapter held their first philanthropy over mental health. Your newsroom’s Gabby Smith has the story.

This week KKG had their philanthropy week for their three foundations Kappa Kappa Gamma foundation, girls academy and their newest edition mental health America. The girls raised close to 10,000 dollars. Majority of the proceeds will go towards their mental health philanthropy and the rest will be given to the winners and their philanthropies who participated throughout the week.

All of the girls are passionate about their philanthropy… but for one KKG member she related to mental health awareness more than some…

“I think that it’s something that we all kind of  struggle with, and I know that I do personally so just getting to learn more about it and like seeing that i’m not the only one and other girls in my sorority and other girls in my community struggle with the same thing and we can all come together through that and through helping out.”

KKG had several activities going on during the week… the girls started off with a battle of karaoke between all of the fraternities… They held a corn hole tournament and finally finished the fun with a southern traditional meal. These events are a reminder of their passion and what it means to be in their sorority. 

Mental health to me is just a good way to check in on yourself and your sisters just to make sure that everyone is okay and in a good head space.”

For more information about KKG and their philanthropy you can go to their website kappkappagamma.org or if you want to learn more about the importance of mental health you can find more information on the website mental health America. Reporting to you from 100 olympic blvd i’m Gabby Smith.