Tasha Kessler Memorial 5k

Asa Baurle, Multimedia Journalist

On November 10th exactly one year to the day of his mother’s passing. Former Sigma Alpha Epsilon president Ian Kessler organized a 5K in honor of his late mom Sasha. 

For Kessler, the 5K has been a way to work through the emotion of losing a parent

“I want to make something out of this so that I can look forward to that day. That there’s something exciting. To be like you know what, I’m taking something that I really struggled with and something that hurt me and I’m using that to do something good and help others,” said Kessler. 

In addition to the 5K a GoFundMe was also created to raise awareness for terminally ill cancer patients and their families. 

All of the proceeds from both events will go to the Nunnally House in Brunswick, Ga. Which is a place that houses terminally ill cancer patients free of charge.

The Nunnally House holds a special place in Kessler’s heart, as his mom stayed there after she was diagnosed. 

“It feels really good to be able to give back to someone who has helped me and my family. To just help them in as much as a sense as they helped us,” says Kessler. 

Kessler’s girlfriend Jess pitched in too… helping spread the world through her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha.

“I kinda took over trying to get donations from our girls. Just explaining at every chapter oh hey this is what this is about and all those types of things,” said Duffy.

Current SAE President Ben Moser, who’s been close with Ian all throughout college. Knew how important the day was for him and was glad he was able to be a part of it.

“To be able to go back out there and run that 5K with him and really help him out. And show that we got his back and we can support him. That’s really what fraternity is about. And what friends and family is supposed to be about. And I’m just glad we can go out and  help him out,” explained Moser, 

There are no official plans yet, but Kessler thinks the run could become an annual event. 

“I really hope and I think it will be something that will continue to grow and happen year in and year out,” said Kessler.

For those wanting to donate the GoFundMe can be found by searching “Tasha Kessler memorial 5k”.