Holiday Helper

Asa Baurle, Multimedia Journalist

Since it started in 1994, The Holiday Helper tree has allowed students to donate to members in their community during the season of giving. 

Each year a ceremony is held to commence the lighting of the tree. This year’s festivities included a performance from the Georgia Southern symphony string camerata…

Different colored cards containing qr codes can be seen hanging off of the tree, the code serves as a link to different wishlists.

Emily Tanner, a member of the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement… explained that this year. Everyone is allowed to participate, something that was not possible before. 

“This year we were able to work with it to open the platform up to anyone that wants to participate; you just have to have an email address,” said Tanner. 

Tanner also explained how many of the gifts are everyday goods. So most of the items on the tree are under 25 dollars. 

“Simple items to us that are everyday things that we just go to Walmart and don’t even think twice about buying. But that’s what they want for the holidays,” explained Taylor 

Students felt strongly about the tree too, putting into perspective how a small gesture can go a long way. 

“Taking that stress off parents, to have to buy things like even toothpaste that they struggle to provide. So that they can actually give their kids gifts. I mean I just think that it’s an amazing thing to do,” said student Logan Murdock.

“It’s a lot to somebody that doesn’t have a lot. Just to put a smile on somebody’s face. That’s all it takes it could change somebody’s life,” said student Jack Palmer

Tanner hopes that people continue to carry out the tradition of giving that the holiday helper tree has established… 

“That’s two or three trips to Starbucks or whatever have you so really it doesn’t take much to give a little bit,” says Tanner. 

For those interested in donating, head over to the Holiday Helper Tree Website to get involved.