Campus reacts to the passing of Georgia Southern student

Amanda Arnold and Shiann Sivell

Georgia Southern University student Malik Jones was found dead of unknown causes Tuesday night at Freedom’s Landing.

According to Jones’ Linkedln account, Jones was a junior in Business Administration and Management and served a management internship at Hertz car rental in New Jersey.

GS students shared their reactions to the news of Jones’ passing, but also on the lack of notifications from the university prior to the university’s email Wednesday afternoon.

Bryce White, freshman exercise science major, said that he felt that an eagle alert should have been sent out sooner.

“They should’ve sent out an eagle alert as soon as it happened,” White said. “That’s super important.”

Erin Maurer, junior sociology major, lives in Freedom’s Landing and said she did not hear an ambulance or any noise the night of Jones’ death.

“I wanted to know where he was if there was anything of foul play,” Maurer said. “The fact that it wasn’t the Statesboro police investigating could mean that either something went astray or it’s a biohazard or some disease. It’s concerning to me.”

Montest Bumpers, sophomore criminal justice major, said that he was unaware of Jones’ death and had not read the email sent out by the university but still feels sorry for his passing.

“He was young, he had his whole life left to live,” Bumpers said. “I didn’t know him personally, but I still feel for his friends and family.”

The GBI is conducting the investigation in collaboration with the GSPD. Anyone with information is urged to contact the GBI Statesboro office at 912-871-1121.

The George-Anne is currently working on a commemorative piece on Jones’ life. If you knew Jones personally and feel comfortable sharing your memories, feel free to contact The George-Anne at

The university encourages those particularly touched Jones’ passing to consider counseling services. Students can get support from the Counseling Center at 912- 478-5541.

Amanda Arnold, The George-Anne candidate.

Shiann Sivell, The George-Anne Enterprise Reporter,