Georgia Southern president announces plans to improve diversity and inclusion on campus

Matthew Enfinger

Georgia Southern University President Shelley Nickel sent an email to the campus community Tuesday regarding the university’s next steps in improving diversity and inclusion on campus.

Plans detailed in Nickel’s letter include the hiring of a nationally recognized consultant to assess the university’s strengths and weaknesses regarding issues of diversity and inclusion, a series of town hall meetings on all three campuses and a comprehensive report to give the university direction about how to face diversity and inclusion issues.

Nickel’s letter

Recent issues in diversity and inclusion

Nickel’s call to improve diversity and inclusion on GS’ campus follows an incident over the summer in which a student accidentally sent a racial slur to their future roommate.

Since then, the university has held one public discussion regarding racism on campus entitled “Coping With Racial Battle Fatigue.”

Matthew Enfinger, The George-Anne Editor-in-Chief,