How Students feel about MLK Day

Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King

Jabari Gibbs

Today we commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King and his long-lasting legacy that’s had an unquestionable effect on our society. Today we observe a man who urged the world to judge others by the content of their character rather than their skin color. Furthermore, today we celebrate a man who delivered one of the most iconic speeches in American history. Therefore, I asked some students around campus for their opinions on the MLK holiday and MLK in general.

Q: How do you feel about MLK day?
A: I think it is a proper appreciation for somebody we really only talk about once a year. (Carmen-Biology)

A: I feel that it is good that we have a day that highlights the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and all his accomplishments. So, I think that it is a fantastic holiday. (Lewis-Biology Pre-Med)

A:I feel that it is not broadcast enough, especially in the region we’re currently in. MLK definitely had some significance here in Savannah as well. MLK presented the first-ever “I have a dream” speech here in Savannah. So as far as the amount of media coverage that people give, it is rather slim. So I feel that it needs to be an improvement in that. (Rodolfo-Psychology)

Q: Do you think MLK would approve of how we treat each other nowadays? Why or why not?
A: I do and I don’t, because not everyone believes in discrimination, but also, you know, it still happens today. (Jocelyn-Nursing)

A: No, I don’t think he would approve of how we treat each other; it has been a lot of hate recently. (Carmen-Biology)

A: Absolutely not; everybody still only sees what everybody can see. No one really cares about what’s on the inside. And I feel like he was always big about not caring what people saw. Outside and inside. (Aubrie-Secondary Education)

Q: What does MLK’s legacy mean to you?
A: It means everything to me; it’s like a constant reminder of progress for the black community, like a cornerstone of black excellence. (Adarryl-Sports Management)

A:I think that it means just treating people like humans. Seeing that we should all be together, we don’t always act that way. (Joey-Physical Therapy)

A: To me, it is especially significant; I am a Savannah historian, so as far as his legacy, I feel that MLK’s movement is very significant to us as a culture. Much like our foundation, we were founded on the idea that all men are created equal, so I feel that it’s a very significant impact. We have strayed upon that from our Founding Fathers, but he’s tried to prove that from the Founding Fathers’ ideas, so that would be my take on it. (Rodolfo-Psychology)

We should all appreciate Dr. Martin Luther King and his efforts to make the world a better place. Everyone should take a minute to reflect on how they treat others and how to improve their character. I’m sure MLK would admire you if you did so, Happy Martin Luther King Day!