Americans and the Holocaust

An exhibition covering what this country knew and what more could have been done

John Caesar, Lifestyle Reporter

The Henderson Library is hosting an exhibition called “Americans and the Holocaust”, on display from now until March 11, in an effort to further educate the students of Georgia Southern on our country’s connection to one of the darkest moments in world history. 

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum selected Georgia Southern’s library as one of only 50 libraries in the country to host this exhibition. The community opening and reception will be held on February 9 at 5:30 p.m. 

The primary mission is to elaborate on what Americans knew at the time and what they did not know, as well as their failures to act when the truth irrefutably came to life. In essence, the idea is to look at the Holocaust through the lens of the United States itself.

The exhibition itself deals with a variety of sub-topics under the umbrella of what led to holocaust denial. Some of these topics include immigration, information literacy and the consumption of media at the time. 

Exhibit project lead, Autumn Johnson, says that she hopes that this “creates conversation about what has happened in the past and how we can draw parallels to [today]”. 

This exhibition is located on the second floor of the library for all to see. For students who wish to take part in it, the library is open to accepting volunteers to help facilitate guided tours for those that signed up for them. 

“We’re very much hoping that students recognize that this exhibition is for them, in most cases facilitated by them, and so we hope they can be involved in any way,” Johnson said.