Main Character Spots on Armstrong

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  • This bench in the Student Union gets a lot of sun. When it’s cold outside, I become a cat and sit as close to the warm glass as I can.

  • The winding paths leading away from The Quad Courtyard is by far my favorite spot to watch squirrels and listen to music.

  • There is a lot of seating outside of the Learning Commons, but these old wooden benches are a favorite of mine.

  • The steps at the International Gardens are perfect for outdoor gatherings. When it’s not busy, it is the perfect place to have a break or study in the grass.

  • When it’s particularly hot out, I escape the sun under the shade of this gazebo in the International Gardens.

  • This fountain in the Quad Courtyard sits at the heart of campus. I like to stop here and listen to the fountain purr as students bustle to class.

  • The steps of the Student Union are the perfect place to perch. I like to sit out here after lunch or between classes.

  • This bench sits in the path adjacent to Gamble Hall. It’s relatively quiet here. The perfect place to study

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I have this vision of myself basking in the warm afternoon sun with a book resting in my lap. In the distance, “The Mariners Apartment Complex” by Lana Del Rey is whistling through the breeze. I feel like the main character.

There’s a few special places I like to go to on Armstrong when I feel like being observed and admired for my wistful gaze and romantic aura. Here are my top spots.