Letter from the Editor: Changes on the horizon


Blakeley Bartee

Hi, everyone!


Welcome back to our website. If you’re here for the first time, here is a quick introduction. We are Reflector Magazine, a college lifestyle magazine written by students, for students. From our Statesboro campus office, we want to deliver the content that you care about, whether that is music, movies, study tips, fashion or in-depth pieces on important topics. We’re here to enrich your life and reflect your college experience.


We’re undergoing a few changes to our brand this year. Alongside Student Media’s video division, The Circle, Reflector Magazine is joining up with The George-Anne student newspaper to form The George-Anne Media Group. Although our name may adjust slightly as we link our publications, we’re still the same magazine with the same mission.


While we face the changes ahead, we hope you have your own growth and positive change in the coming semester. College is a period of development, where we often see our visions of our lives shift and turn as we discover new things about ourselves. We develop new passions and talents, find different ways of thinking and build new relationships. At Reflector Magazine, we hope to join you every step of the way.


We are excited for what lies ahead this year, and we hope you are, too.


And remember, college isn’t just a phase. It’s a lifestyle.



Blakeley Bartee