How Dingus Magee’s has remained a staple in Statesboro for 43 years

Asa Baurle, Multi Media Journalist

before the days of Erk Russell. 

As the beloved bar enters its 43 year of business. Owner Stephanie Owens, who used to wait tables here  in the ‘80s, explained why her and her husband’s spot is beating father time.

“You know you may see me in the bathroom scrubbing the toilet, maybe flipping a burger, maybe changing the keg. You gotta work it. You gotta know your people,” she said.

While the added elbow grease does help keep the doors open. Longtime Dingus employee David Lane, thinks it’s the relationships formed over time that keep people coming back. 

“I think the people that come here are very comfortable. The staff is all like one big family. Everybody’s already close. So close friendships sometimes turn into close relationships.”

Lane and Owens are no stranger to these close relationships. They, like many others, have found the love of their life while at Dingus. 

“It just makes me happy to know that love bloomed here. I think that’s very special and it’s a good conversation piece and I just love being a part of it,” said Owens. 

As he begins the process to take full ownership of Dingus. Lane hopes he can continue to carry the legacy Dingus Magees has left.

“You know it’s special. As you can see on the walls and stuff you become a part of something that’s been here for long it’s a tradition. It’s something you can look back on. Something you can be proud of,” explained Lane.