Valentine’s Day Ideal Date/Event

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  • Found this image under google images under the tools “Creative common license”. I selected this image as a header to this story.

  • Peace created the google form and helped collect the data and I made the story on it and screenshotted the data in a pie graph.

  • Peace created the google form and helped collect the data and I made the story on it and screenshotted the data in a pie graph.

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Valentine’s Day Ideal Date/Event?

Hello, Georgia Southern Armstrong, and Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope your day is going terrific and exciting, but we have a question for you: How are you celebrating this lovely holiday? Alone at home under a blanket watching Netflix and eating cake? Or out and about spending time with friends or that special someone?

We were certainly curious to know so we sent a few representatives around campus to sit with students and ask how they are spending their day on Valentine’s day. After gathering information, the Inkwell staff decided to divide the information into separate categories: Those who are single to mingle and those who are in a relationship.

Of the students who took the questionnaire, 58.7% of the students are single and 41.3% of the students are currently in a relationship, with a total of 63 responses.

Leading to the next question,
“What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?”,

and the answer choices being,

Just a made-up Holiday to increase company revenue
To show my loved ones how I feel about them
I don’t really care for it
Love should be shown everyday

The majority of the students favored the answer, “Love should be shown every day” with 47.6% and the second most favored answer was, “To show my loved ones how I feel about them.” with 33.3%.

Of the Students who answered they were single, the majority of them stated they would spend their day with family, friends, take themselves out to dinner, or watch a streaming service. Here are some of the answers submitted.

“Being with my friends, having a drink, eating something good, and making my friends watch my favorite show”
“Eating chocolates and watching romcoms”
“Self-care day (Watching Movies, making my favorite food)”
“Receiving love I never get”

The Students who are in a relationship that are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day submitted answers that revolved around spending time with their significant other. Here are some of the answers.

“Spending time with them and enjoying each day exploring new things”
“N/A (She dumped me)”
“Picnics with the people I love :)”
“Take my girlfriend out for a nice dinner, get her flowers and a thoughtful gift”

With this information, we can determine the majority of the students who are single either spend Valentine’s Day alone treating themselves to something or with friends and family making memorable experiences. While those who are in a relationship are most likely to spend time with their significant other either going out to dinner, movies, or an eventful date night.

The George-Anne Inkwell wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

PeacefulLove Alaji contributed to this article by collecting the data.