Evelyn Spear, Photo Editor

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  • Students gather at the Williams Center for the UPB Build-A-Boo event on Thursday. “We are doing a cute event for all the couples and the singles!” says JaQuaylan Taylor, a student that is helping to run the event. “It’s like a build-a-bear workshop.”

  • First, students choose a stuffed animal from the table. The variety of options included, sharks, bears, cows, frogs, and more.

  • JaQuaylan Taylor holds up his favorite stuffed animal. He thinks that the dog is the cutest stuffed animal available at the event.

  • Gabby Smith chooses an elephant from the table. She has come to the event with friends.

  • Next, students collect the filling for their stuffed animal. Each person gets their own bag of stuffing so they can make their animal as soft as they choose.

  • Finally, students choose a blank birth certificate or a Valentine’s Day card for their stuffed animal. After collecting all their supplies, students then find a table where they put together their stuffed animal.

  • Grace Mainer fills out the birth certificate for her stuffed cow. She has chosen to name her stuffed friend Luna.

  • Erica Fuller laughs with friends as she builds her stuffed animal. Erica chose to make a yellow duck.

  • Jacob Hood fills his stuffed shark. He is enjoying the event with his friends.

  • (From left) Gabby Broughton, Faith Johnson and Daysha Mccallum enjoy each other’s company while they build their stuffed animals. Mccallum decided to name her stuffed animal Ozzy.

  • Gabby Broughton fills her stuffed frog. “We haven’t hung out in a minute so this is really nice to get together real quick and build some bears,” says Broughton.

  • (From left) Kayla Rogers, Emily Hogg and Taylor Wilcox build their stuffed animals together. The three friends chose to make the same elephant stuffed animal.

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