Georgia Southern provides free period products around campus

Ashley Watts, Multimedia Journalist

Have you ever noticed the free period products in restrooms on campus? The Period Equity Movement aims to fight period poverty by providing all students who menstruate with free products

“In every single building, except the residence halls, there is one female restroom, at least one female restroom, that will have these products. Sometimes if there is a gender neutral restroom as well, we will have that one filled with products as well.” explained student co-founder, Gabi Wiggill.

Studies show that 1 in 10 college students experience period poverty, a lack of access to menstrual products and education. The Period Equity Movement works to ensure that a need for period products will never hold a Georgia Southern student back.

“Sometimes they have to choose between buying food this month or buying period products, and that should not happen. We should not let a biological process that you have no control or choice over be something that prevents you from receiving the best kind of academic education that you can.” said Wiggill.

The Period Equity Movement currently has 3 projects, the green period pantry providing free sustainable period products, the period products-on-the-go project providing free period products in restrooms on campus, and the period pantry located behind the desk in Zach Henderson library.

“I know a lot of people come from different incomes, different family backgrounds, and to just have that access I think is really convenient.” stated student, Carrie Dye.

By providing free period products, the Period Equity Movement not only assists students financially but also creates a sense of community.

“Whenever I walk into a bathroom and I see that there is, like, feminine products available, I think maybe a girl is, like, in a hurry and she forgets and, like, that’s something you need. It’s not just something that you casually just want to have.” said student, Dallas Davis.