A Message to Our International Students

The Department of International Student Admissions and Programs (ISAP) wants to express a message of support and community towards Georgia Southern’s international students.


“International students” by UNE Photos is marked with CC BY 2.0.

I interviewed the coordinator of international students services, Paige Baxter, and the international admissions counselor, Daniel Ruddy, to get more information about their goals for this semester.

Both Baxter and Ruddy are filling roles that were left vacant from August to November last semester. They are working hard to reestablish the presence of a supportive team to back the international students on the Armstrong campus.

Understandably, the transitional period for an international student can be tough. Still, the staff of this department wants them to know that there is a community of peers and advisors that can offer them the resources they need to be successful and happy on campus. “We are always here to help them. Our doors are always open,” Said Ruddy

ISAP is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity for our international students regardless of their background. They aim to empower these students to contribute to the campus community and help them navigate through the difficulties of college life.
“We want our international students to know that they have a champion and support system on the Armstrong campus,” Said Baxter.

Midterm care packages will be delivered to our international students on March 2, and in April, they will be attending a Savannah Bananas game for a taste of classic American fun. Both Baxter and Ruddy emphasize the importance of showing support and inclusivity to these students to expand and maintain diversity here on campus. It is the responsibility of every student at Georgia Southern to ensure that we practice acceptance towards our peers. “Everyone is deserving of community,” said Ruddy.