Top 10 Georgia Southern uniforms of all time

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  • The Eagles wore these throwback uniforms in the 2013 season. 

  • The Eagles debuted these grey, throwback unis against New Mexico State in 2017. 

  • These pink basketball uniforms were worn this past season against visiting Louisiana. 

  • “The Blue and the White”

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McClain Baxley

The Georgia Southern football team has made waves in Eagle Nation the past two seasons with some fresh new threads, sporting throwback grey uniforms last year and gold uniforms in 2016. With such an iconic color scheme as navy and white, the uniforms have been just as iconic at GS. I went back to explore the top uniforms across Eagle athletics and found some eye-catching unis.

10. 2013 Georgia Teacher’s College football throwbacks

These were worn in the 2013 homecoming victory over Western Carolina. The helmet is the best part, with a brown “TEACHERS” at the forefront, throwing it back to the dawning of GS when it was a teachers college. Pair the helmet with subtle stripes on the torso and you’ve got a nice, meaningful throwback.

9. 2018 Grey-and-gold softball alternates

Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for any metallic gold on a uniform, but these are great. The softball team only used this a handful of times last season, which was a shame. The gold outlining of “Eagles” and the gold accent on the Adidas logo is just sweet.

8. Navy-and-checkered basketball

Adidas did this for all of their mid-major teams with the checkered print on the sides. Some hated it and some loved it. I liked it because it gave some flair to what was otherwise a practice uniform.

7. 2016 Grey baseball alternates

These beauts were first worn against UGA in Athens and looked very basic, but there’s so much goodness going on. There’s the full Georgia Southern and a number on the front—not too big not too small. Then there’s the number on the back and the iconic diagonal GS at the neck. Stunner.

6. Yellow soccer goalie kits

A good, loud, bright uniform should make any top uniform list and this one earns its spot. What’s funny about this kit is that, if all 10 players wore it, it’d be hideous. But because only the goalkeeper dons it, it contrasts nicely with the all-blue or all-white kits on the field players.

5. 2017 Erk Russell Classic football alternates

These were released via an old, vintage video from GATALifestyle and were even nicer in person. The script “Eagles” on the helmet and just the perfect tone of grey made these a winner. Amid a winless season, these uniforms gave GS fans a reason to pack Paulson for a loss against NMSU.

4. Breast cancer awareness women’s basketball pink alternates

Anytime a uniform can symbolize something, it’s a meaningful uniform. And these uniforms looked just as good too. The designers didn’t stay subtle, they went all in with the pink. The pink and navy makes these uniforms one of the best.

3. White away football uniform

The white uniforms that the “Greatest Team in America” wears on the road are some of the cleanest uniforms in the country, biasedly. All-white with just the name, number and helmet in blue gives these a clean, classic look that cannot be denied.

2. Cream baseball uniforms

Cream baseball jerseys in any level of America’s Favorite Pastime are a nice go-to. For some teams they are an alternate and for others they are everyday uniforms. But these are just classic. With the script font of “Eagles” and the subtle coloring, these are the best springtime uniforms GS wears, without a doubt.

1. Blue home football uniforms

We are Georgia Southern. Our colors are blue and white. We call ourselves the Bald Eagles. We call our offense the Georgia Power Company – and that’s a terrific name for an offense,” Erk Russell said many years ago. It’s true, though, and like the school and people loving Russell, these uniforms haven’t changed. The uniforms won’t change if the program knows what’s best for it.