Justin Helms wraps up women’s history month by highlighting female athletes

Justin Helms, Multimedia Journalist

The month of March is National Women’s History Month and we want to take the time to thank the women of Georgia Southern Athletics and recognize what they do for our sports programs. Georgia Southern currently has five women head coaches and 9 competitive collegiate teams. Which represents a majority of our athletics here.

I spoke to Senior Woman Administrator, Brandy Clouse, who told me what being a woman in a leading position at Georgia Southern is about. 

“When I first started as an administrator in athletics, I didn’t think twice about being a female. I just put my head down and worked and didn’t think about what that was impacting, who that was influencing. Now in the administrative side, (yeah) it is about impacting, influencing and inspiring ladies to be able to understand that they can do this not just as a female but as a mother,” said Brandy Clouse.

Brandy Clouse along with others are also currently working to create a group for women’s leaders for student athletes being introduced very soon to come.