The Rodeo returns to Statesboro

Mckenzie Kerrigan, Managing Editor

Lauren Sabia

Yeehaw! The rodeo is back in town this Friday and Saturday at the Bulloch County Agricultural Complex. Danny Hedrick, the owner of Hedrick Rodeo Company, walks us through the main events and everything you need to know before you go!

Events you don’t want to miss

Bareback bucking horses and Saddleback bucking horses- These horses are bred to buck, can you stay on? Eight seconds can seem like an eternity when you are on the back of a bucking horse, Hedrick says.

However, these competitors will do it for fun and a chance at the pot. As they compete, judges will analyze how effectively they stayed on and how well the horse bucked in just eight seconds. Which is easier? Well, don’t ask us.

Individual roping and Team roping- Imagine trying to rope a moving animal, now add a timer. Watch the ring as individuals and teams compete to rope the fastest!

Steer wrestling- Come out and watch your fellow Eagles and another team attempt (and we mean attempt) to clothe a cow. Shirt, pants and 500 pounds? With three people to a team, it will certainly be a challenge for everyone to enjoy.

Barrel racing- Watch racers compete in sharp turns and quick runs around the barrels to beat their opponents’ time. 

Bull riding – Stay on a bull for 20 seconds? Can’t say we’ve done it, but let’s leave that to the professionals.

This will be the last event to round out the night. All of these events will have performances in between, from clowns to other surprises. 

What are the rodeo’s main goals?

“Just for everybody to come to see something there’ll be proud, proud that they came to see,” said Hedrick. I don’t care if you’re seven or 70, you’ll have fun at the rodeo.” They will also start the night off with prayer, sticking with their mission to share Western culture and Christian roots. 

The two main goals are to entertain and give back to the community. With over 4,000 tickets to be sold, all proceeds will go back to those in need. Tickets tend to go fast when the weekend comes and with the last two years selling out, they don’t expect this year to be any different.

More information on the rodeo business

Locals can sign up to participate and be involved believe it or not! Hedrick’s company is aligned with the International Professional Rodeo Association, where you can find more details on getting involved and what that entails. 

More importantly, it is crucial to understand that the rodeo can be a tough sport to work in, and these animals work harder. However, with over 90 bucking horses, they won’t work more than two to three minutes a year, wish we could say the same. With bulls being worked a little more due to their age ranges, these animals are some of the best treated in the world. 

Hedrick says, “It’s a pretty good job. Free room and board, with all you can eat and free health.” With grass, hay, freshwater creeks and every 30 days a veterinary checkup to ensure they are fit for the rodeo, when we say best treated we weren’t kidding.

Both nights the rodeo will last about two hours and 15 minutes, with Western booth sellers and concessions to enjoy. Head to to get your tickets before they are sold out! Remember tickets will not be sold at the gates this year, so tickets are only available online.