How To Travel Alone

When I was younger: I imagined my twenties would be spent going on endless adventures across the world. Nonstop expeditions, fancy hotels and sparkling flute glasses. Then I enrolled into college.

It’s hard to balance travel with tuition expenses and heavy workloads. Top it off with part-time jobs, clubs, and other commitments. It can feel impossible. But, with a little effort and know-how, it becomes a bit easier to manage.

Finding traveling companions can be one of the early steps when planning a trip. In college, it can become even more complicated. Schedules do not always line up and ideal plans aren’t the same.

While traveling in a pack can be ideal for cutting costs and arranging accommodations: there are ways to do it alone.

Over the summer, I spent a few nights in a Pod Hotel in New York City. It was enough to get me a bed at night and a place to shower. The rest of my time was spent wandering around Central Park or eating one-dollar pizza.

When staying at hostels and pod-hotels: young students are also introduced to other people in similar situations to them. These connections can offer even more opportunities.

From staying at these hostels: I’ve received offers for free accommodations all over the globe. From flats in Glasgow to a house in London. I’ve met several great friends in packed spaces.

Use these resources to your advantage. Stay on a couch or two. It’s only for a few days.

There are also resources for students who want to travel but do not have the financial means to do so. Student Universe is a company which finds major deals on flights and accommodations for students and educators exclusively.

Getting around a different city without a car may be daunting. Uber prices aren’t going down. In situations like these, good public transportation and city planning are ideal.

I stick to cities where I know everything I need will be within a reasonable distance. There is also the option of rentable scooters and bikes for big commutes.

There are always cheap thrills to find when you know where to look. My personal go-tos are karaoke bars, river tubing and theatrical productions.

The power of the student discount is unmeasured. There is always a slash in prices buried somewhere on the internet. Diligence is key.

Managing workload and time off can be one of the biggest challenges students face when planning a trip. Communicate with supervisors and professors well in advance. Make sure you are planning your trip with your due dates in mind.

If you are on the fence about traveling places alone, Benefits of Traveling Alone, may change your mind.