What’s Trending?

Haven’t been online much? We either, but we are 10K richer! I think?


John Caesar, Culture Reporter

What’s trending this week?

Twitter Edition! You don’t even wanna see the top searches on Google… “Fornite”, really?

  1. In an unfortunate turn of events, as of August 24th, Jihyo of JYP Entertainment has tested positive for COVID. According to the JYP Entertainment website, The South Korean pop star/ singer is currently quarantined and is hoping for a quick recovery. 


  1. VENMO is giving out 10K at random. Users will have a chance to win either $20 or $50 dollars for following VENMO on Twitter and dropping their username and handle in the comments. If you want to make some small-time cash for no real risk, this might be an opportunity for you.


  1. My Chemical Romance was trending online due to lead vocalist Gerard Way wearing a sports cheerleading outfit during the band’s most recent concert in Nashville, Tennessee. A meme online also compared his outfit to the Green M&M.


  1. For Nintendo gaming fans of Georgia Southern, Masahiro Kishimoto himself will be launching his own YouTube channel about creating games. If you’re a student studying game design, perhaps the “Smash Brothers” developer can offer some valuable insight. 


  1. President Biden has canceled $10,000 dollars in student loan debt.