Flag Day 2022

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  • Flag Day 2022 occurred on September 15, 2022 at the Rotunda. The event was hosted by OMA.

  • Students were able to get delicious fresh fruit ice popsicles from Palmetto Pops. They had flavors such as Blackberry Lemonade and Chunky Mango.

  • From left to right, Mirtha Callejas, Vanessa Montes, and Joselin Trujillo are enjoying their time at the event.

  • The first 100 students were able to receive a free meal from Vida Fresh Food Truck by Latin Chicks. There was Esquites (Mexican Corn), Street Tacos, and more.

  • Alongside the ice popsicles and the food, students were able to enjoy rock climbing, inflatable axe throwing, and human billiards.

  • Jose Ramiez (blue shirt) said, “Hispanic Heritage Month to me, lets me take pride in being a Latino. It gives me representation and lets me show my culture to other people to see what it is about. It is a great way to connect with other Latinos from all around the world”.

  • Jose Ramiez (blue shirt) also celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with his “family at carne asadas (similar to a cookout), spending quality time together, talking about our culture, our history”.

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez celebrate by “celebrating other Hispanic countries as well as (his) own and embracing (his) own culture”.

  • Towards the end of the event, students grabbed flags from different Hispanic countries and participated in a Flag Parade.

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