Club feature: Chinese Club

Bisola Oke

Georgia Southern University has a Chinese club on campus for the purpose of increasing the awareness of the Chinese culture to individuals of other cultures.

At GS the Chinese club offers students the opportunity to brighten their horizons with a different culture and language. They hope to introduce their culture, language and also plan meeting for Chinese students to meet other students in a fun environment.

Club meetings are held every Wednesday at Forest Drive Building, though the meeting location may change for next semester Carlos Lares, the president of Chinese Club, said.

The Chinese Club was created by GS alumni, Brandon Camp, during the spring of 2013. Camp started it for the purpose of sharing information about the Chinese way of life, their belief, et cetera. Since then, the Chinese club has attended various events and hosted events of their own.

There are various benefits of being in the Chinese club including t making Chinese friends, learning about Chinese games, food, their lifestyle, Lares said.

“We have days where we only play Mahjong, Chinese games and we celebrate important Chinese festivals in our meetings with some traditional food,” Lares said. We are also the only club in GSU where you can come learn exclusively about Chinese culture.”, Lares said.

Lares encourages students to join Chinese Club to learn about Chinese culture and traditions.

“If you’re interested in Chinese culture, traditions or want to learn Chinese, this is the club for you,” Lares said. “We have a very friendly environment in which you can learn about these topics and make some new friends that share your interest.”

For more information about the Chinese club, contact Carlos Lares at

Bisola Oke, The George-Anne News Candidate,